Overhead rain showers


Overhead rain showers

Perfect technology and unique lines

Matching all herzbach design lines, the rain showers for ceiling installation are always the successful completion of an extraordinary bathroom landscape. With different types of jet, always perfect technology and the practical CLEAN EFFECT, the rain showers are recommended for any upscale bathroom equipment.

The practical installation frame for simple flush-mounted ceiling installation also makes it easier to install the rain showers in your bathroom. The showers thus comply with the herzbach philosophy of perfect utility value from the very first moment.

With our polished stainless steel surfaces we combine the hygienic advantages of stainless steel with a gloss effect that approaches that of a chrome surface. We achieve this through a multi-stage polishing process in which the expertise gained over many years of developing and manufacturing bathroom fittings becomes the decisive factor.

These attractive surfaces complete the picture of our exceptionally high-quality rain showers: from brushed and polished stainless steel to PVD finishing or matt black - all models make your shower something very special.

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