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Cleaning and care (general)

Regular care is required to maintain the high-quality surfaces and perfect functioning of herzbach products throughout the life of the bathroom. We have summarised this care in care instructions for you.

Use suitable bath cleaning products exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions and take great care to rinse off even the last residues of cleaning products completely with sufficient water. If this is not done, the bath cleaning fluid will continue to act on the surface, seals and other technical parts and lead to specific damage in the medium term.

Under no circumstances should spray cleaner be sprayed directly onto herzbach products. The fine spray mist will inevitably penetrate into inaccessible areas where you cannot rinse off the cleaning agent completely according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Our stainless steel iX series are manufactured in compliance with the strictest safety guidelines with regard to strict material separation (no mixing with non-ferrous metals and steels) and, due to the material, cannot begin to rust on their own. However, if you should ever discover a small rust spot on an iX product, it is a surface corrosion, i.e. a foreign particle that has settled on the surface and will rust in a moist environment. Such superficial corrosion can damage the passive layer of the stainless steel and should therefore be removed immediately with a suitable cleaning fluid.

How long do I get spare parts for herzbach products?

We guarantee a 10-year availability guarantee for spare parts - even after the end of a series!

Does herzbach have a customer service department?

Certainly we guide you in the event of a complaint and, within the defined type of rework, our customer services provides an on site solution. Please open your claim here.

How long do I get warranty/guarantee on herzbach products?

To ensure that you can enjoy your herzbach products for a lifetime, they are tested for a service life of well over 15 years. To underline this, we offer you a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on all herzbach products.

Where can I buy herzbach products?

You can obtain our products from specialized dealers or retailers. We do not offer a factory outlet. You can find a suitable source of supply here.

Where can I obtain herzbach brochures?

You can either download brochures and information material directly from our website or request a printed version via our contact form.

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Each herzbach article comes with assembly instructions and care instructions. Should you still miss these documents, you can download them at any time as pdf files – assembly instructions, spare part lists etc. can be found at the corresponding product page and our care instructions can be found at the downloads page.




Answers to product specific questions ...


What is the diameter of the hole bore required for the installation of herzbach mixers?

We recommend that you prepare 35 mm holes for all herzbach washbasin and bath tub rim mixers. In addition to the fact that the fitting can be used without any problems in this way, pre-assembled, there is also enough space to create a perfect seal using the enclosed seal.

At what distance should the individual components of a bath set be arranged next to each other?

We recommend a hole centre distance of 12 cm.

At what height must my herzbach wall-mounted washbasin mixer be installed?

There is no binding installation height for wall-mounted washbasin mixers. The decisive reason why no standard values can be defined is essentially due to our human individual dimensions and the wishes for use of the mixer. As a general and non-binding everyday experience, we recommend 15-25 cm above the top edge of the washbasin.

At what height must my herzbach rain shower be installed?

There is no binding installation height for rain showers. The decisive reason why no standard values can be defined is essentially due to our human individual measurements. As a general and non-binding everyday experience, and taking into account a well unfolding stream pattern, we recommend installation with an overhead height of the rain shower of 30-40 cm.

Can herzbach shower columns be shortened?

All herzbach stainless steel shower columns (17.) can be shortened if done professionally. All other shower column models offered cannot be shortened.

What does the polished stainless steel surface look like and how can it be combined?

The basic material stainless steel is elaborately polished to a high gloss on the surface and can be excellently combined with chrome-plated herzbach products.

What is a PVD coating?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a physical coating process. The starting material, very fine paint particles, is converted to the gas phase by means of physical processes. This gaseous material is then returned to the product to be coated, where it condenses and forms the target layer. In addition to its attractive appearance, this layer is characterised by its high hardness, which offers very good scratch and wear resistance.

Does the DESIGN iX PVD Black Steel correspond to the RAL colour 9005 black matt?

No. Our extravagant PVD surface Black Steel is the closest thing to a dark graphite. If you are looking for deep black matt mixers, we recommend our powder-coated DEEP BLACK series.


No. Our extravagant PVD surface Black Steel can be compared most closely to a dark graphite. If you are looking for deep black matt fittings, we recommend our powder-coated DEEP BLACK + SIRO BLACK + CEO BLACK series.

Can herzbach mixers be operated with water heaters?

In principle, all herzbach fittings can be operated with flow heaters. However, the sufficient kW output of the water heater must be compared with the individual water consumption of the herzbach mixer. Please contact your specialist technician and ask for advice.

Can I take an ice-cold shower with a herzbach thermostatic mixer?

Our herzbach thermostatic mixers offer you a finely adjustable temperature range of 20°C - 55°C. If you would like to use even colder water for your shower experience, you should prefer a lever mixer or valve solution, in consultation with the specialist craftsman. Corresponding to this, we also offer you a wide range of mixers.

Do I have to specially clean a coloured/coated mixer?

The general instructions in our cleaning and care instructions manual. We generally recommend that you dry off any residual water immediately after use, for example with a simple terry towel. This will prevent more stubborn calcification.

Are herzbach products suitable for outdoor use?

No, herzbach products are designed exclusively for indoor use. Unfavourable temperature, weather and environmental influences can attack and damage both the surfaces and the technology.

Are herzbach products suitable for use in brine baths?

No, the salt aerosols in brine baths attack both the surfaces and the technology.

Are herzbach products suitable for use in steam showers?

No, the fine water vapour penetrates even through the smallest openings and can thus condense in areas that must not become damp.




Answers to error patterns ...


I have a complaint about a herzbach product. How do I proceed?

We sell our products through wholesalers and the specialist trade. A warranty claim arises in the first instance against your direct seller, not against the manufacturer. We kindly ask you to contact your direct seller so that he or she can investigate the specific problem, find a remedy if necessary or, in case of doubt, communicate it to us.

Water runs through between the mixer and the hole bore and drips off underneath the washbasin.

All herzbach fittings are supplied with precisely fitting O-ring seals or foam rubber seals, which can be used in most installation situations to create a seal between the fitting and the tap hole without any problems. Should it nevertheless be detected that water is dripping through the tap hole under the washbasin with your installed herzbach mixer, please proceed as described below:
Check whether...
...the flexible hoses are hand-tight and screwed into the threaded sockets of the fitting as far as they will go and correct the tight fit if necessary.
...the fitting is placed exactly centred on the tap hole and the inserted seal is thus fully seated on the washstand. Reposition the fitting if necessary.
...the washstand surface is noticeably wavy. Either you find an individual sealing solution or you contact the washbasin manufacturer via the specialist tradesman.

Water escapes below the handle.

Please close the water supply (angle valves or central shut-off) immediately and contact your specialist technician. There is a defect in the mixing cartridge.

The temperature adjustment on the thermostat reacts slowly.

In order to maintain the smooth running and control speed of the temperature adjustment on the thermostat, the thermostat handle should be regularly adjusted from very hot to very cold.
The longer the pipe from the thermostat to the consumer, the slower the water outlet temperature at the consumer reacts to temperature adjustments at the thermostat.

After a longer period of non-use, brown water initially comes out of my mixer.

Water from deep wells and surface waters always contains traces of iron and manganese. These metals settle on the inside of water pipes as a thin layer of iron and manganese oxide hydrates. Normally only small amounts of particles from this layer reach the house connection. However, pressure fluctuations, construction work or changes in the direction of flow can cause the deposits to loosen and lead to the discharge of brown water from the herzbach fitting. Corrosion and rust formation in old galvanised steel pipes of the house installation or dilapidated water boilers can also lead to the outflow of brown water.

My low-pressure mixer drips despite the closed handle.

Low-pressure fittings are connected directly to a hot water tank and are, for technical reasons, permanently open even when the handle is closed.  This serves to protect the hot water tank during the heating process by allowing the expanding hot water to escape drop by drop from the outlet of the fitting. If the mixer were to be completely closed on the hot water side, the hot water cylinder runs the risk of bursting during the heating process.

The pull or pressure diverter of my herzbach mixer does not jump back automatically.

The mechanism of the diverter is either dirty or degreased. Disassemble the affected diverter and clean or grease it with suitable valve grease.

The flow rate of my herzbach washbasin mixer is too low.

Make sure that...
... the angle valves underneath the washstand are fully open and that any filter screens are free of dirt.
... the aerator is free of dirt. Unscrew it from the spout and rinse it upside down under running water.
... the flexible hoses underneath the washbasin are kinked and correct the correct fit if necessary.

The flow rate of my herzbach washbasin mixer is too high and the water splashes out of the basin in an uncontrolled manner.

Open your herzbach mixer fully and throttle the flow at the angle valves until you enjoy the water pattern of your herzbach mixer. Selected herzbach mixers are equipped with a Neoperl® SSR jet regulator, which allows you to adjust the jet pattern by up to 10° by pushing/swiveling the jet disc.

The spray pattern of my herzbach rain shower/hand shower is becoming increasingly confused.

The silicone nozzles used are coated with a microscopic layer of lime and other components after each use by drying off the adhering residual water. As soon as the degree of calcification, after frequent use, reaches a critical level, the water jet is initially deflected to the side and in the course of a more severe calcification the nozzle opening is even completely closed. The silicone nozzles can be cleaned of deposits by carefully rubbing over the nozzles. If this is not enough, it is advisable to soak the rain shower in advance with a gentle, natural cleaning agent (e.g. citric acid).

The spray pattern of my herzbach water fall outlet is becoming increasingly confused.

Clean the outlet opening of the water fall outlet with a plastic spatula or similar blunt, harmless object. Dissolved particles can be scraped out or rinsed out at the next use.

The rain shower/handshower continues to drip for some time after use.

Immediate or delayed temporary dripping of a rain shower/hand shower after use is a physically induced residual water emptying and does not constitute a product defect. If the dripping is continuous and does not stop automatically after a few minutes, this could be due to a faulty fitting. In this case, please contact your specialist technician immediately.

The LOGIC box is built into the wall over and above the maximum permissible dimension.

We offer individual extension sets (usually 30 mm) for all LOGIC installation units.

My mixer is becoming increasingly stiff and is no longer comfortable to use.

Either foreign particles have got between the ceramic discs of the cartridge via the drinking water line or the grease of the cartridge is no longer present over the entire surface. To regain the operating convenience of the new condition, it is recommended to replace the cartridge. Please contact your specialist technician.

Soap from the soap dispenser discolours brown

Discolouration can be caused by the pH level of the soap. We recommend that you use a mild and pH-neutral soap, as soaps with a high pH level react with the metal and can turn brown if the dispenser has not been used for a while.